Swope & Bartholomew Inc.

Serving the Foundry Industry Since 1946


We produce a wide variety of patten equipment for anything from water jacketed exhaust manifolds to ornate architectural elements.  We also specialize in water-cooled aluminum vacuum form tooling.

plaster or plastic molds to check fits
Commonly Used Materials
  • Durabar Iron Products
  • 6061 Aluminum
  • Aluminum Jig Plate
  • REN foundry board products
  • Urethane / Plastic
  • Maple, Mahogany, Pine

  • Milltronics RH30 60x30x30 VMC
  • Milltronics RW15 25x15x20 VMC
  • 2x Kitamura 3DX 30x20x20 VMC
  • Leadwell 40i 40x20x22 VMC
  • CNT 1000 48x96x24 CNC Router
  • Complete Wood and Machine Shop
  • Michael FR6 Urethane Metering Mixer
  • Solidworks
  • Mastercam

Size Limitations
Cope and Drag boards to 60 x 120